Natural Turf Surfaces

If you’re thinking of buying and installing a new sports pitch, then you have many factors to consider before making that decision.

One of these is whether to choose natural turfgrass or a synthetic turf surface.


Natural feel
Grown in-house
All-Natural System


Synthetic Turf Surfaces

Caters to sports like football, rugby, hockey, tennis, cricket to enhance player performance and bring value to the stadium and schools.

With access to full IRB, Football and FIH accreditations synthetic surfaces are becoming a preferred choice across all professional, semi professional and social club levels.

Synthetic turf is also installable in landscape and garden areas to enhance the user’s experience of the area.


High performance
Cost efficiency
Easy maintenance
Water efficiency
Increased value


Turftech is a proud partner of Rhino-Turf an international leader in sports artificial turf systems.

Example Installations