Turftech specializes in nationwide sports field maintenance, boasting a comprehensive range of services tailored to ensure pristine playing surfaces. Our offerings encompass:

  • Sports Field Mowing
  • Surrounds Mowing
  • Line Marking
  • Fertilizer & Herbicide Programs

Specialised Field Services

In addition to routine maintenance, Turftech provides specialized field services:

  • Scarifying: Removing old growth from previous seasons to promote healthy turf.
  • Herbicide Spraying: Combatting persistent weeds with precision application, ensuring the immaculate appearance of club, school, and stadium grounds.
  • Irrigation: Utilizing cutting-edge irrigation systems, we offer design, installation, and maintenance services, ensuring optimal moisture levels for lush turf.
  • De-Compaction: Enhancing soil vitality through aerovating, promoting oxygen and nutrient absorption essential for healthy growth. Options include Verti-drain, Hollow-thinning, or aerovation, with detailed explanations provided.
  • Fertilizer Spreading: Regular fertilization, vital for maintaining vibrant and resilient turf, conducted 3-5 times annually.
  • Grounds Maintenance: Beyond turf care, we extend our expertise to the upkeep of gardens, hard surfaces, and courts, ensuring comprehensive facility maintenance.

With a commitment to excellence, Turftech delivers tailored solutions to uphold the visual appeal and playability of sports fields nationwide.