Premium Sports Training System

We have created a simple and effective training area for all types of sports including: Rugby, Short tennis, Hockey, Soccer, kids play area use that incorporates the highest quality training equipment with a fully functional 3G surface, shockpad and base.

The TECHZONE has been designed and developed to enhance the playing experience for players of all levels; minis can happily play all year round all on a consistent surface built for maximum usage, enjoyment and sustainability.

The Techzone System


3G Surface

The Rhino-Turf 3G system is one of the leading quality and performance artificial rugby grass surface in the industry, developed over 25 years of research to deliver STRENGTH IN PERFORMANCE.


Techshock Pad

Professionally designed as a sport technical performance layer for artificial turf sports fields.Vertical and Horizontal drainage!



The Rhino Tech Panel Systems is an innovative, modular sports-floor systems for both indoor and outdoor use. The system allows for both speedy and durable installations, along with reducing the need for major groundworks.

Available Sizes


Impact Zone

8m x 12m


Collision Zone

16m x 16m


Barbarian Zone

24m x 28m

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